At Prospero Engineering we understand that every candidate’s motivation for going to work is different, and though some candidates may look the same on paper, in real life they have different career goals & objectives.

You spend a significant amount of your life in work, so it is important you pick the right job. That is why Prospero Engineering interviews our candidates thoroughly, thereby ensuring match our candidates to the engineering jobs that suit their career goals and objectives.

Whether you are looking for more training & development, increased stability at work, regular overtime, a higher salary, more responsibility, or opportunities to progress your career, Prospero has positions to suit every walk of engineering life.

What happens next?

  • Call or email us at and we will contact you ASAP to get the registration process underway.
  • We will advise and support you throughout the job application process to ensure that the job opportunity we find suits your career and personal development.

For more information, call +44 (0) 1174 280 071  or email us at